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Mike's Ultimate Detailer works great on rubber moldings and textured plastic!

If you have been into detailing cars for long, you know what happens when wax, spray wax, or many detail sprays get onto rubber moldings or textured plastic. It turns these parts gray, or a white residue forms that's just about impossible to remove. Not our stuff! 

Forget having to buy multiple products, and having to be careful not to get product on certain surfaces. Mike's Ultimate Detailer can be used on plastic, rubber, glass, carbon fiber, and more! 

mikes ultimate detail spray on textured plastic

Textured plastic is not a problem. Our spray preserves it and leaves a nice matte finish.

mike's ultimate detail spray rubber glass plastic

Rubber and plastic is UV protected, glass beads water. Finish is darker like new plastic, not greasy or shiny. 

Carbon fiber and interior engine covers are not a problem and are given a like-new look!

There is not a surface on the entire exterior of your car that can not benefit from a shot of our detail spray!