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Mike’s Ultimate Detailer:

Q: Can the detailer be used safely on ceramic coatings?

A: Absolutely! Our detailer is completely safe and works great on ceramic coated surfaces. We use a black GT3 with wrap and ceramic for our demo car. It’s never been washed with water. There are no scratches and swirl marks whatsoever on the car – other than wear from rocks during playtime in the canyons or on the track. 😊

Q: Is the detailer safe for wrapped cars?

A: Yes – we first started testing our product on Formula Drift cars to help take rubber off the wrap safely. Not only does it take the rubber off, but it prevents new debris and rubber from sticking to it, making the wrap last longer and looking great even by the end of season, because you’re not scrubbing it harshly trying to clean it.

Q: How does Mike’s Ultimate Detailer prevent scratches in my paint?

A: The scratches and swirlmarks in paint actually come from washing your car. When you use soap and water and fabric to wash the surface dirt off your car, you’re actually rubbing the dirt particles against your paint (or whatever surface) as you wipe, no matter how careful you are. Our detailer has a proprietary formula that, when sprayed onto dirt particles, actually encapsulates it and lifts it off the surface of your car, providing a “cushioning” effect so that when you wipe it off, there is nothing scratching the surface of your car. 

Q: Will this help old paint?

A: This will not restore old paint, but we have had many customers tell us that it cleans the surface, deepens the color and shine, and makes the paint look newer than it did before. They also tell us that some scratches and swirlmarks look better or are gone. This is because we have a protectant in the detailer that fills in light surface scratches so that old scratches look improved, but note that this is not a permanent change to the paint (like a good polishing of buffing would do), so you would see them come back over time if you only used it once.

Q: Can this be used on boats and other watercraft?

A: Yes – the detailer is great for hulls like fiberglass, aluminum, as well as other exterior surfaces. However, please be careful not to use it on any surface that you would walk on or need to hold on to. The detailer will result in a smooth, slippery finish that is not ideal for those places.

Q: Can I use it directly on my wheels? Any kind of wheels?

A: Yes! Our retailer is great at cleaning off brake dust, and is safe for your wheels. We’ve tested our formula on different types of wheel materials and finishes, and it is completely safe.

Q: Can I use the detailer after my car is waxed?

A: Mike's Ultimate Detailer should not be used on a freshly waxed surface. It will mix with the wax and cause residue or a streaking effect. We recommend waiting at least a couple of weeks after waxing to use the detailer. 

Q: Does the detailer replace waxing?

A: Yes! Mike's Ultimate Detailer accomplishes the goals of waxing and more without the downsides of white residue and a lot of effort. Our detailer temporarily fills in light surface scratches to reduce their visibility, provides some UV protection, and beads water. Our product contains no waxes or harmful silicones. 

Q: Can I really use it on my windows and trim?

A: Yes! One of the great things we love about this detailer is that it doesn’t use waxes, silicones, or other things that make it impossible to use on multiple surfaces. Toss out your bucket of products that you have to bring out when you wash your car…all you need is one.

Q: Is this just a detailer for light dust? When should I wash the car instead of using the detailer?

A: This product is really much more than a detailer. It’s capable of cleaning bugs, tar, tree sap, rubber, etc. And it can handle quite a high level of dirt. We have cleaned cars that have been left outside for months and were covered in a thick brown layer of dirt and other debris. So it all depends on how efficient the detailer would be than using water, including how many microfiber towels you would need to use. 

Q: How much spray should I use?

A: It really depends on how dirty your car is. For light dust, a light spray (a single trigger pull for a surface) should be enough. Remember, sometimes less is more. If it’s pretty crusted on stuff, you should try to saturate the area a bit more and let it sit for a few seconds. These things are hard to state exactly, so use your own good judgement and test out a small area. You can always spray a little first and add more.


Jeany's Cutting Edge Gun Lubricant

Q: How is this gun lube different from others? What’s the nanotechnology?

A: Jeany’s Cutting Edge Gun Lube is not just a lube that coats. It uses nanotechnology to actually affect the metal. Described simply, metal is porous at a microscopic level, like a sponge. These little pockets and holes pick up dirt, creates more friction, and overall makes it harder to clean contaminants off the metal surface. Our lube actually helps fill in these microscopic holes, making the surface smooth so that dirt, copper, carbon, and other debris doesn’t stick to the metal nearly as much. If you’re a chemist and want to nerd out with us on more detail, shoot us an email!

Q: Why does the lube feel drier than other lubes I use? Do I need to put more on?

A: We do not rely on grease or oil to lubricate the metal – we are changing the structure of the surface altogether to make it smoother and more resistant to getting dirty. This is the nanotechnology we describe in a previous answer. So you do not need the look and feel of the greasy, wet lubes you’re used to. We realize this is a probably a big change from what you’re used to, but it takes something different to work differently. Our lubricant utilizes petroleum as a carrier, which evaporates. Think of this as a dry lubricant. It is still working better than any other lube you’ve used, even when you can’t feel it.

Q: Is this a CLP?

A: Yes! We call it a lube, but it’s so much more than that. This is all you need to keep your firearms clean and protected like never before.

Q: It’s got a really strong smell. Can you change that?

A: Yes it does. But it does dissipate eventually. We wish we could change it, but it’s one of the components that makes the product work as well as it does. So we put up with it. 😊

Q: If I have a gun that I want to “break in” first, should I use this lubricant afterwards?

A: There really aren’t that many firearms out there that really need a break-in period, but if you feel you really need to do that first for what you’ve got, then do that before you use the lubricant. The lubricant minimizes wear and friction, so if that’s what you’re looking to do, use the lubricant after you’re done.

Q: How does this hold up in long-term storage?

A: This is the perfect lubricant for long-term storage. Because it’s not greasy and evaporates dry over time, there is nothing to gum up the components of your firearm in long-term storage.

Q: Can I use this as a general lubricant?

A: Absolutely! It’s a great general lubricant for your shop, home, or anywhere you’d use lubricant. We’ve had great feedback from our customers who are CNC machinists and shop owners.