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Firearms Lubricants / CLP

Our lube's nanotechnology gives your firearms performance and reliability, free from cleaning drudgery.

We developed Jeany's Gun Lube because we got tired of scolding Jeany for never cleaning her guns. In testing, Jeany fired over 3000 rounds from her AR15 in matches, practice sessions and training classes with no cleaning or reapplication of lube.  Despite her gun not having a single bit of maintenance during the test, she experienced no issues, her gun quickly cleaning up with a paper towel wipedown after! The same goes for her pistols.

We routinely fire over 1000 rounds through our guns without cleaning or adding additional lube and they still look clean and function flawlessly, even dirty running guns like AR15's and .22LR.  Some of our military friends have shot well over 3000 rounds without cleaning in M4's and SAW's, sometimes with extended full auto fire without issue and reported greatly improved function. Even with these high round counts under demanding conditions, the weapons were remarkably dirt, sludge and carbon free. They cleaned up easily afterward mostly wiping clean!

Superior function due to superior lubrication, little residue, and easy cleaning are our trademark characteristics.  Copper buildup in the bores is greatly reduced as well for improved accuracy at high round counts as well.  If you like to shoot, use your gun to protect life and limb or just want the best lube and cleaner for your gun, this is it!