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About Us

We come from a background of high performance with many years of experience in the world of Motorsports, and shooting including competition and tactical training. We both have busy lives and we understand the time crunch that most productive people feel on a daily basis.  The products we bring for you are designed to save you time by reducing the drudgery of keeping things clean, and well maintained for peak performance. Look for us in the future as we roll out more cutting edge professional grade products designed to make your life easier.

Jeany Zhao, President

Mike says..."Jeany is a professional badass who also shoots and drives a lot." It's hard to explain what Jeany does because she's all over the place (literally and figuratively) and does a whole bunch of stuff that seemingly has nothing to do with each other. Every couple of weeks, someone asks her if she's in the CIA. Jeany's background and experience is broad. Her studies are in Economics, Foreign Policy, and International Security. She worked in technology for 15+ years to build new products that help people do things easier and better. She invests in various sectors and technology and patents that she thinks can change people's lives, and maybe the world. Jeany also is part owner of the best Texas BBQ restaurant in Bogota, Colombia. You can usually find Jeany at the range honing her shooting skills, at the track or canyons behind the wheel of her Porsche Cayman S or GT3, or somewhere random in the world doing no one knows what. 

You can Find Jeany at:

IG: @jeanyqzhao


Mike Kojima, Vice President

Mike Kojima has been working hard at turning money into noise throughout his 33-year engineering career. He has always had a passion for things mechanical from an early age. As a small child, Mike was adept at taking expensive things apart and not always being able to put them back together. As an adult, the things are now more expensive.  Mike's automotive and motorsports engineering career exploits have been wide and varied with stints as an engineer at Toyota Racing Development (TRD), Nissan North America, Falken Tire and Nismo North America as well as Pep Boys. Mike currently works as an engineering consultant for race teams, parts and OEM manufactures. A prolific author, Mike's writing was found regularly in the pages of about every car magazines as well as authoring several books back when people used to read. Now Mike's writings can be found at Mike has held NASA, SCCA, and IMSA racing licenses and has participated in just about every form of racing from BMX to Go Karts. Mike also has many hours of tactical shooting training and can often be found training at the range or doing gunsmithing, tuning and developing weapons for increased effectiveness and reliability. 

You can Find Mike at:

IG: @mike_kattrainer_kojima