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Car Detailing

A high tech, cutting edge detail spray for your automobile that saves you time and offers world-class performance.

Mike's Ultimate Detail Spray was born from the rough and tumble world of Formula Drift. Few motorsports get a car as dirty as professional drifting where the cars get covered with dirt and molten rubber. Race cars are often wrapped with printed plastic film and decals. Cleaning the wrap of melted rubber, and other sticky residue without damaging it is a big problem. 

Mike's ultimate details spray quickly cleans, shines, protects and conditions paint, wraps, decals, Lexan windows, glass, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. And better yet - it prevents rubber and other residues from sticking after use, saving you even more time! We've observed 80-90% less rubber on our cars after use. Our spray also removes brake dust from wheels and reduces future adhesion. Our detail spray is also one of the only things that work well on matt paint, wrap, and wheels. 

If you park your car outside, our detailer will clean bird poop, tree sap, bugs, and tar without harming your paint. Live in an apartment where access to a hose is not easy? No water or rinsing or driving to a carwash needed with our detail spray.

Whether you race, drive "enthusiastically", keep your car parked on the street, show your car, or just need a quick between wash touch-up, this product is a must-have.