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ZK Performance Working to reduce plastic waste

Our heritage is from the Hawaiian Islands and we have grown up loving the beauty of our second home. During a recent trip to the Big Island, we got to experience first hand some of the shocking examples of plastic waste that is accumulating in our oceans, much of it washing up on the shores of Hawaii.

Our company will do its best to reduce this. We have delayed the release of our car detailer and gun lube until we could find higher quality recyclable bottles and spray heads that were durable enough to be refilled many times. Please use our recharge kit and save your bottles, then recycle them when you are done with them.

Our signature clear PET bottles were selected not only for their durability and chemical resistance but because they are highly recyclable, please do so when finished with them. Your product will also come in a plastic bag, which is meant to protect from any unexpected leakage, and required by certain sales channels. Unfortunately, the compostable bags we've tested did not pass our quality control. Until we find better options, we encourage you to recycle these as well.

We have also made our recharge kit dispenser pump available separately as it is a big piece of plastic so you can choose to use a funnel or order it once and use it on multiple recharge kits. 

Reduce, reuse, and recycle in that order! 

We will watch for developing technology for compostable packaging and biodegradable plastics and use them if they can pass our quality control testing. In the meanwhile, we will encourage reusing and recycling our products containers to minimize the amount of plastic we will introduce into the environment.  

- Mahalo!

Jeany and Mike