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Jeany's Cutting Edge All-In-One CLP 4oz

Jeany's Cutting Edge All-In-One CLP 4oz

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Proven in competition and in the field to keep your gun cleaner for longer and make it easier to clean when you do!

If you hate cleaning guns but demand the highest in performance and reliability, this is your product. Nanoparticles of lubricant bond to the metal surface and subsurface making it difficult for dirt, carbon, powder, lead, and copper residue to stick. 

• High attraction to hot and high-pressure areas
• Temperature resistant
• Clean your gun fast, wipes clean after use
• Cleans, lubricates, protects and preserves
• Does not evaporate or burn off, protects even if appears dry
• Stays in place after application
• Does not gum up in long-term storage, protects from rust and corrosion
• Does not attract dirt
• Great long-lasting household, automotive and machine shop light lubricant
• Plastic and rubber safe

Our signature clear PET bottles are highly recyclable, please do so when finished with them.

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Andrew P.
United States United States
It's like magic, it feels way to smooth and easy to clean.

Got this as a recommendation from a friend and my god, it's smoother as your soap rubbing on your hands and slipping from everything you're trying to grab on to. I'm really impress with how the this crazy magic nano technology could be invented with lube? I mean using a hair dryer to make sure the nano particles are bonding with the metal, that's insane and I love it. I went through 1.5k of ammo and took it apart just to see that it's running well and lube. Cleaning was a big winner for this lube, just took one wipe of blue towel and I didn't have to fight the gunk inside when I use other lube brands. This is truly the best lube and invention I seen/use by far.

ZK Performance

Wow! That's such a compliment! Thanks for giving us a try, and so glad we've made cleaning easier for you! We hate cleaning too, haha!

United States United States

I so regret the day I wan introduced to this product. You see I’m one of those people that love to clean my guns - I find joy in the meditative properties of gun cleaning so much so that I’ve put together my own Spotify playlist for cleaning guns. Then came Jeany’s Cutting Edge Gun Lube into my life, and what was a meticulous Jedi-mind-meditation of prepping my solvents and cleaning tools for my guns became like a malicious one-night stand of lead fouling removal! Gone are my days of bore-cleaner swabbing every nook and cranny, brushing off every fouling bits with a careful attention to the hand pressure I apply, passing through each lubricated cloth with fine motor skills through the barrel to lightly coat it. Jeany’s cutting edge gun lube when done right (cleaning the gun throughly and applying a protective layer) creates this force field that makes gun fouling seem to bounce off. It penetrates deep into the metal separating even the longest standing of gunk. I’d suggest try it two ways: 1.) douse the dirtiest of your pistol’s action and slide ramp and feel the recoil springs immediately feel stronger when you pull the slide back. 2.) clean your rifle and coat the insides to include the action and let set, take it to the range without any lube reapplication and fire a few hundred rounds then check to see how much stuck to the insides, you’ll find that you’ll only need a paper towel to get the fouling off. It’s amazing. I mean there are other gun CLP guns lubes out there but also given the price point you won’t think twice about having a bottle for each place you might think it comfortable to have one handy. So in an effort to rid the world of this gun lube I keep buying each month hoping to save the next person that like to clean their guns from a twilight zone of gun cleaning amazement and loss of meditative experience. Don’t buy this if you like cleaning guns for hours. You’ve been warned.

ZK Performance

Hahaha! Deepest apologies, Mel. I recommend cleaning more guns to make up for the lost time. Please let me know when we can bring ours by your house for cleaning.

Ulysses J.
United States United States

Jeanys gun lube is very slick. A little goes a long way! Just ordered my third bottle and i’m telling all my friends!

ZK Performance

Thank you so much for your feedback and recommending us! Appreciate your continued support!

A ZK Performance Customer
George C.
United States United States
Game Changer - Thank you!

This is nothing short of a game changer. Saves me time, keeps my gun performing it's best and I can literally run my kit through a desert storm and all it takes is a wipedown afterwards. Customer service is nothing short of exemplary. Delayed shipping from COVID-19 and the owner reached out personally to make it more than right. Customer for life here - thank you!

ZK Performance

We love that you put our CLP through its paces in a touch environment to test it out. We love knowing that we can stand behind our product. Appreciate your patience with the shipping delays, and more than happy to be here for our customers. Thank you!