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Mike's Ultimate Detailer Bundle (2) + Free Patch
Mike's Ultimate Detailer Bundle (2) + Free Patch

Mike's Ultimate Detailer Bundle (2) + Free Patch

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Now get our Mike's Ultimate Detailer / waterless wash with a free Jeany or Night Raid patch! Select a 2-pack bundle with your choice of patch to be included with your order.

This is the best multi-purpose waterless wash you’ll ever use…

Never fear putting swirl marks or scratches on your car again! Our proprietary formula encapsulates dirt particles when sprayed on and lifts the dirt off the surface of your car, providing a “cushioning” effect so that when you wipe it off, there is nothing scratching the surface of your car.

Forget having to using multiple products to clean your car – inside AND out. Our all-in-one detailer easily and safely cleans multiple surfaces, including paint, glass, chrome, rubber, carbon fiber, wheels, and basically anything non-porous. Save time and money with just one product that outperforms them all!

Got no driveway? You don’t even need a hose. Just spray on and wipe off. It’s that easy and takes a lot less time. We come from the racing world, and originally developed this product to keep Formula Drift and other race cars clean. If it works on race cars covered with dirt and melted rubber, it’ll work on your car.

  • Cleans, Shines, Conditions and Protects car in minutes
  • Replaces; Spray Wax, Detail Spray, Waterless Car Wash, Glass Cleaner, Rubber Treatment, Wheel Cleaner, Interior Cleaner, Bug and Tar cleaner, vinyl and leather cleaner with one superior money-saving product!
  • Cleans track rubber
  • Leaves a beautiful high gloss, water-beading coating where applied
  • No buckets, hoses or additional water or soap needed, no mess!
  • Emulsifies, Encapsulates, lifts and lubricates dirt from painted surfaces, no scratching
  • Great for wheels, removes brake dust
  • Excellent household cleaner as well! Works on all hard surfaces, stoves, appliances, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, replaces furniture polish!
  • Cleans 12 to 4 vehicles depending on how dirty they are

*** Warning *** DO NOT clean brakes, pedals, or any walking surfaces with this product as it leaves a very smooth finish.

Our high-quality bottle and spray head can be reused many times.  Refill it with our recharge kit and reduce plastic waste while saving money. Keep plastic out of our landfills and oceans! Our signature clear PET bottles are highly recyclable, please do so when finished with them.

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